Ann Brownson Award 2022

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Ann Brownson Award for Outstanding Service to the Virginia Museum Field - Peggy Sheets 

The Ann Brownson Award is given annually to an individual who has given outstanding service to the Virginia museum community. It was established in 1999 to honor the service and accomplishments of Ann Brownson, who provided spirted leadership as a member of VAM’s Board from 1991 to 1999.

It is truly an honor to announce that this year’s recipient is, Mrs. Peggy Sheets.

This year’s 2022 Ann Brownson Award winner has been an energetic and vital champion for the Frontier Culture Museum and other cultural organizations in the region for over thirty years. In 2015 she was appointed by the Governor to the Board of Trustees. Since 2018 she has served as the Chair of the Board. Apart from the oversight of the Agency that the supervisory Board provides, Mrs. Peggy Sheets has also been responsible for organizing and rallying the Board in support of a major capital project. In this capacity, she has been tireless in leading efforts to secure funding, advance the design, coordinate the construction, and develop a marketing strategy. Her leadership in support of the staff, the daily operations of the Museum, the longer-term objectives and programs, and truly transformational projects for the Agency have been invaluable. She understands and supports the needs at every level of our operation, from meeting with legislators in Richmond to taking a few turns on the lawn mower. Mrs. Sheets is an excellent example of a powerful role model for the creative, flexible, and strong work ethic that keeps the museum, and many others in the Commonwealth, thriving every day.

Mrs. Sheets has also worked in a leadership role with preservation, arts, educational, and civic organizations within our community. These entities include, but not limited to, the Augusta County Circuit Court Advisory Committee, the Staunton Sears Hill Bridge Preservation Project, and the American Frontier Culture Foundation. 

Perhaps the most enduring impact of her work will be her legacy of continuing education that elevates everyone's capacity. She is a strong proponent for ongoing training and professional development. Many within the organization have benefited from her encouragement and advocacy for allocating time and resources to the training, networking, and programs available through VAM. This approach has helped the entire team of the Frontier Culture Museum and group of stakeholders sustain and improve operations, and has given them the courage and skills to dare to do more.