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VAM Annual Conference 2021

March 15-19, 2021 ~ Save the Dates for #VAM2021 Online!

Museums Facing a Changing World

No one would have expected that the year 2020 would bring such strife and change to our lives, our organizations, and our nation. Whatever we thought the “future” meant a few years ago may not be what we think it means now. And a phrase like the “new normal" is constantly evolving, and what might seem “normal” in the summer or fall, might not be so “normal” in March 2021 when our annual conference is due to occur. A “new normal” brings a need for more than necessary adjustments caused by a pandemic. It means heightened emphasis on race relations, dealing with political and social polarization, transitioning to digital content delivery, and so much more.   

What will the future hold for Virginia’s museums, and what will we provide and what will become our unique value? The people that power Virginia’s museums are creative, giving, and resilient, and will no doubt work together to harness recent events as well as emerging trends and technologies to meet tomorrow's challenges, whatever they may be.  

In our ongoing mission to support our museum community, we are encouraged by the support of our conference committees and board in presenting our premier professional development and networking event next year.

VAM 2021 Annual Conference: Online
March 15-19, 2021

Registration will open in January 2021.  Watch for details soon!

Registration Rates for our 2021 Online Conference:

Member Rate                   $80

Nonmember Rate           $130

Special Rate                     $60
(Benefactors, Committee Members, Students)

Museum Rate                 $300
(allows museums to purchase the link and share with their staff)