Are you interested in getting more involved with VAM?  We have lots of volunteer opportunities available.  Review the list below, and contact su@vamuseums.org if you find something that you'd like to try!

Be a Committee Volunteer!

Ready to serve and contribute to the museum community? The VAM committees are filled by our VAM membership community. 

Community Engagement Committee

Like to spread the word? This committee plans:

  • Advocacy 
  • Marketing 
  • Communications
Governance Committee

This committee handles:

  • Nominations for leadership
  • Board member onboarding, development, and evaluation
  • DEAI Task Force
  • Strategic Planning
Resource Development Committee

This committee works with the VAM staff on:

  • Fundraising, gifts in kind, grants
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Work with staff to develop an annual fundraising calendar/plan
Membership Engagement Committee

Be part of programming for VAM! The Membership Engagement Committee is responsible for:

  • Conference planning with VAM staff
  • Workshop development
  • Organizing and planning Meet-Ups
  • Managing the Virginia Certificate in Museum Management Program
  • Annual awards such as the Innovative Museum Award, Ann Brownson Award, and the Museum Educator Award

NEW! The VAM Council has opened its standing committees to non-board members to help with our equity efforts.  If you are interested in any of these committees, please fill out this simple form, and your interest will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for review.  Each of these committees meets every other month, mainly virtually.

Be a Mentor!

Wherever you are in your career, you have experience and expertise to share.  If you are an EMP interested in getting more involved, perhaps you'd like to mentor a student member.  If you have 25 years in the field, you might want to mentor someone interested in moving up the management ladder.  Mentors can communicate over email, but for a good mentorship to work, ideally the mentor would be committed to some time for relationship building.  Time commitment: medium.

Review Resumes!

One of our member benefits is to review resumes of individual members who would like assistance--either specifically preparing a resume for a job posting, or just working on a resume for their own records.  Help us by becoming one of our "stable" of reviewers.  Time commitment: small.

Interested in Board Service?

Serving on our governing board is one of the most impactful ways to be involved with VAM.  Board members are selected from across our membership, and elected to specific open positions each March at our Annual Meeting.  Board members work directly with staff on strategic planning, financial sustainability, member service, and much more.  Terms are 3 years in length, and can be renewed once for an additional 3 years.  

Currently the board service positions are filled! Please check back later.

To be considered for future board service, please fill out this form.  Your responses will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee.