VAM's staff continues to work mainly remotely. Please email us for support!


Are you interested in getting more involved with VAM?  We have lots of volunteer opportunities available.  Review the list below, and contact if you find something that you'd like to try!

Be a Committee Volunteer!

VAM has several committees that are filled by members of our member community. Some meet year-round, others are specific to an event or task. Some of the most active are:

Workshop Committee

This committee meets once a year to plan the upcming season of VAM workshops, and then helps VAM staff with finding speakers and locations for those workshops. Often, members of the committee attend one of the workshops as an assistant for staff.  Time commitment: medium.

Conference Local Arrangements Committee

This committee is based in the locality that is hosting our upcoming conference. Those sitting on the committee tend to be locals and those whose sites are hosting an event or program during the conference. There are multiple in-person meetings expected of this committee. Time commitment: high.

Conference Program Committee

This committee works with the VAM staff to review and approve the educational content for the next year's conference. The main commitment is a one-day meeting in August; other work will be expected by email. Time commitment: medium.

Nominating Committee

This committee meets in the winter, to help the VAM board determine the slate for the next elections. Time commitment: small.

Be a Mentor!

Wherever you are in your career, you have experience and expertise to share.  If you are an EMP interested in getting more involved, perhaps you'd like to mentor a student member.  If you have 25 years in the field, you might want to mentor someone interested in moving up the management ladder.  Mentors can communicate over email, but for a good mentorship to work, ideally the mentor would be committed to some time for relationship building.  Time commitment: medium.

Review Resumes!

One of our member benefits is to review resumes of individual members who would like assistance--either specifically preparing a resume for a job posting, or just working on a resume for their own records.  Help us by becoming one of our "stable" of reviewers.  Time commitment: small.