VAM Innovation Award in the News

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The "Art of Happiness" is a new, unique, and innovative program that offers mental health self-help tactics and strategies by using art exhibits, materials, and museum spaces as helpful tools. This new program series is deserving of this award because its goal is to highlight and raise awareness of mental health issues and accessibility while offering methods and strategies to cope with stress and anxiety. The new program series has seen so much success and demand (particularly from young adults), that additional sessions and a waiting list were established thanks to a generous sponsorship from the Lewis Gale Regional Health System (Lewis Gale Hospital Montgomery).

The Montgomery Museum of Art and History serves Montgomery County and the New River Valley, which is a largely rural and underserved area. This free program, which is administered by a licensed and professional counselor, has focused on a few different avenues of self-help with art.

This award goes to Casey Jenkins with the Montgomery Museum of Art and History in Christiansburg, Virginia

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