Lives would be lost on the Titantic if it were not for this radio collection

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Rob Thomas, a local Industrial Designer, is assisting the Museum of Yesterday in finding a home for this historic collection of radios, telephones and other communications technology and wrote to Rick, Executive director at VAM, to see if any museums out there would be interested and have space for all or some of it.

Titanic radio room recreation
Titanic radio room recreation

Hello Rick,

Thanks so much for your assistance on finding a home for this unique collection of American History.  Without radio, there would not be most of the advancements made in the last 100 years especially in the realm of space exploration and indeed the American way of life itself. The ability to communicate between people, families, teams, organizations and especially governments has changed the level of being and very prospects of us as a species. 


Foremost in that are the discoveries and inventions made by ordinary people, citizen scientists and especially radio amateurs in their basements, pushing the boundaries of what is possible into the realm of the possible. Many of those went on to become major breakthroughs in the technology that brought to us much of the lifestyle and amenities that we take for granted in our daily lives.


We are looking for a home for this unique collection aggregated over many years by a devoted engineer and entrepreneur, John DeMajo, many of which, as said citizen scientist, engineer and radio amateur, he put into actual working order despite their age. The educational value of this alone cannot be overstated. 


To that end, John has documented extensively the timeline of the evolution of these experimental forays into the unknown and how they ended up in the living rooms of a growing nation cementing a culture that is now the envy of the world. A link to the website which was in progress when he passed away this last December, is below.


We appreciate your assistance in this effort and will try to get you whatever would be necessary to adequately describe the scope and possibilities of this collection in your upcoming eNewsletter. The entire collection is currently housed in John's home and needs to be moved soon due to its conversion back into dwelling space. So, time is of the essence.


Best Regards,


Rob Thomas


Robert B. Thomas, B.I.D.

Industrial Designer



The Museum of Yesterday:

If you are interested in this collection, please contact Rob Thomas at 804-833-4470.