Job Listing: Military Programs Supervisor

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Colonial Williamsburg – Williamsburg, VA

Closes - Open until closed

Position Title –  Military Programs Supervisor

Salary - Range

Job Type - Regular Full-Time 37.5+hrs per week

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Summary Job Description

Ensures that the Military Programs work unit operates efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis, meeting the expectations and educational mission of the Foundation. The Military Programs Supervisor (MPS) is responsible for daily management, staffing, production goals, interpretive planning and implementation, and overall leadership of the Military Programs Dept.

The MPS advances Colonial Williamsburg’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability by utilizing credible research and resources to enable staff to share the full and complete story of 18th century America with guests. The MPS will interpret and hold their staff accountable for interpreting the relevance of our shared past; inclusive of enslaved, indentured, and free individuals, including all genders and religions.

Essential Functions:

1. Provide supervision, training, support, and direction to staff members of the Military Programs, and Musket Range staff        where applicable. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, training, observing performance, providing constructive        feedback, conducting performance appraisals, and, when necessary, counseling, disciplining, and terminating employees.

2. Oversee the adherence to ATF regulations in the proper handling and storage of blackpowder used in programming at          the Military Programs. Stays current on firearms safety procedures, ATF regulations, etc, and advises leadership where          problems exist.

3. Actively develops new, engaging, diverse and inclusive programming, adhering to the Colonial Williamsburg                            Foundation’s Master Interpretive Plan, and Strategic Plan. Works to continually refine and master military subject matter      and interpretive techniques, integrating themselves as part of the daily staff.

4. Collaborates with other Foundation employees to develop or support other interpretive programs; offer special                    workshops, symposia, and other presentations; cooperate in areas of production, research, publications, etc.

5. Works with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety along with the Department of Public Safety to develop,        implement, and enforce on-site/program guidelines and procedures. Ensuring that all safety and security procedures            established for the site, tools, materials, artifacts/antiques, and equipment are followed.

6. Oversees preparation of ammunition, maintenance of the Magazine, Guard House and Greenhow Tenement Stable sites,      maintenance and repair of equipment, interpretive plan for the site and it’s execution, training, and other necessary             functions for continual running of the Military Programs Dept.

7. Mentors and administers the assignment of duties related to increasing staff skills, following an implemented curriculum      of development. Willingness to personally complete own curriculum projects where needed to gain experience to aid           staff.

8. Maintains the legal ability to transport staff, guests and program equipment to and from needed locations using                    Foundation approved vehicles and following departmental guidelines.

9. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required and Preferred Education and Experience:

Required: 4 year degree in American History or a related field. 5-7 years experience in a museum or public history setting. Experience operating firearms and artillery, preferably in a museum setting.

Preferred: Master’s Degree in Public History, Military History or similar experience. 5+ years operating firearms and artillery in a museum setting. Certified Interpretive Guide or other similar qualification.



1. Ability to organize and present information in verbal and written form to diverse audiences.

2. Ability to follow written and oral instructions.

3. Ability to use a variety of interactive techniques in making presentations to guests.

Guest Relations

1. Ability to present and maintain a warm and enthusiastic demeanor with guests and co-workers.

2. Ability to deal with the public in both one-on-one and large group situations.

3. Ability to handle a variety of guest interactions and conduct guest problem solving.

4. Ability to balance the needs of our guests with the needs of the organization.

5. Ability to establish and maintain cordial and productive relationships with both co-workers and guests.