Explore VAM's Website and Update Your Profile

News & Announcements,

Now that you have created your profile on VAM's new website (if you don't yet have a profile, review this blog for details on how to do that), and hopefully signed up for an event or two, we wanted to point out a couple of ways you can make use of the website as a member.


Museum Members

There are several things your museum can do to increase the ability for people to see who you are and what you offer.  Your museum profile shows up publicly on our member directory.  We've created sections on the museum profile page to allow you to share:

  • What kinds of educational programs you offer to schools and teachers
  • What is the focus of your museum collection?
  • Image upload--you could upload your logo, to draw attention to your listing in our directory, or upload seasonal photos from your site.
  • Member to Member Discount--this section allows you to provide discounted or free admission, or a discount on a program or ticket, to other VAM members.  Be creative!  Our whole museum community is better when we can all visit each other and see what is happening around the Commonwealth.
  • Designate a Museum Primary Contact as well as a Billing Contact.
  • Add all of your staff, volunteers and board to your account. They all receive a free membership through your organization's membership.

Individual Members

Every individual member type (including benefactor, individual, student, and those who inherit free memberships from their organizations) gets a profile on our site.  Make sure to keep yours updated so that VAM knows how to reach you, and so your fellow members can communicate with you.  The more information you share, the better we are able to get you the information that is most useful to you.

  • Image upload--let your fellow members learn who you are
  • Senate and House districts--if we have a special issue occurring in your area, we can let you know
  • Region--if you add your region and city or county, we can let you know if there are events specifically in your part of the state
  • Member Profile--this descriptive field is a chance for you to share what you do, or who you are.  Do you have a summary of qualifications on your resume? Put that here! 
  • Privacy Settings--Be sure that your information is visible where you want it to be.  Visit your settings page to view your options.