Are you in Compliance with New COVID Regulations?

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The COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, 16VAC25-220

The Virginia General Assembly passed a temporary addition to state regulations within the Department of Labor and Industry’s Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program.  These temporary additions are related to COVID-19 in the workplace, and all employers are required to be in compliance with these new regulations before the end of September.  

The best way to learn more, and determine how to make sure your museum is in compliance, is to visit the VOSH website about the program.  The first step every employer needs to take is to determine the risk inherent in your workplace.  If your employees are medium or higher risk, there are additional requirements for training that need to be completed. 

Most of these rules kick in for employers with over 11 employees, but it is smart to review the guidelines for being in compliance, and determine what your museum might need to have in place to protect your employees, and to prove you are in compliance with VOSH.  Violations can be pricey.

Start with the Nine Steps to Compliance document and go from there!  This document defines what makes a low, medium and high risk workplace, and what policies you need to have in place.