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Note: VAMONDE and COVID-19

COVID-19 shutdowns have impacted our business at VAMONDE, as they have many of our partners, peers and competitors during COVID-19. As a result, starting June 1st, we will be moving to a reduced operations model. This is how the change will impact you:

 If you have already signed up for the platform, you can continue to access the platform, create content and use the other tools for free. If you have questions or requests, please email

 For museums interested in using VAMONDE, you will have two options: 

  1. You can sign up for the platform after June 1st, but there will be a fee of $100/month to cover account servicing and allow us to maintain access to the platform.
  2. You can wait until October, when we will most likely resume normal operations and can be a part of your museum association program then.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kartik Ramkumar at

VAM Members and VAMONDE

A Partnership featuring a FREE and Powerful Marketing Resource for Virginia Museums and Cultural Organizations

Museums and cultural institutions realize the need for a robust digital and mobile marketing strategy to meet the informational demands of today’s visitors. Yet few institutions have all the funds they need to meet their future ambitions. This can change for VAM member institutions by leveraging VAMONDE in their marketing efforts.  To check out our channel, download the VAMONDE app, and search for the VAM channel.

View the 2-minute introductory video!

Wondering if VAMONDE is right for your site?  Here are some statistics to help you make up your mind.  In the first six months of the "Virginia Museums" VAMONDE Channel, we had:

7014   Total adventure views

(770 average views per month)

Currently, we have 15 participating museums, and 26 museum experiences.  Our channel will only get better and better with more of our museums adding their digital stories, and sharing information about the app on their websites and promotional materials.  Join us and see for yourself!

What's this all about?

Instead of building separate digital platforms for each organization, VAMONDE has built one network for all. This network provides the newest innovations and reduces costs by sharing the network together. You can use VAMONDE to feature your organization's stories (exhibits, events, history, artifacts, galleries, educational content, videos, and more) along with other cultural institutions across Virginia and beyond.

Finding your stories is easier when an interested audience is using the same network to search for or actively explore great content and DISCOVERS YOUR Institution! Start your multi-media story on VAMONDE and then draw users to your website. Guide users to your special call to action for tickets, events, tours and track your results through VAMONDE's analytics.

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  • Cut & Paste Publishing - no coding required
  • Bring together your existing content (blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to create one enriching story.
Geo Located Storytelling
  • Amplify the experience by facilitating learning in the places history, art, culture…happened.
  • City Wide Adventures
  • Extend your brand and reach across your city with themed adventures/tours.
DIY — Real-Time Editing
  • Have an update or need to make an edit? Make changes in real time with ease.
  • Create any Call To Action to capitalize on a deeply engaged audience.
  • Drive ticket sales, membership, donations, contests, programming. Anything.
Analyze Your Results
  • Understand how people interact with your content.
  • See which content converts into physical visits.