Job Listing: Marketing and Website Manager

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Virginia Holocaust Museum - Richmond, VA

Closes - Open until filled.

Position Title – Marketing and Website Manager

Salary - Based on experience.

Job Type - Full-Time

For more info and to apply - Email Executive Director Sam Asher at

The Marketing and Web-site Manager is in charge of all public relations for the Museum. Primary responsibilities include signing advertising contracts, publicizing the museum events and working closely with our social media and media consultants. The marketing and web-site manager must work closely with members from each VHM department to collect information to post on the web-site and release to the public about current events, and programs, as well as museum updates, renovations and expansions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Update the website.
  • Create marketing plans for the Museum with special effort to highlight aspects of each department as well as noteworthy news articles pertaining to the Holocaust and genocide/crimes against humanity.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Take photographs of Museum events, exhibits, etc. for use in marketing and social media.
  • Take photographs at all Museum events, programs, functions, etc. Edit and use load these photos onto the VHM shared drive as well as use them in advertising and social media.