Job Listing: Executive Director - BMCF

Job Postings,

Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation - Blacksburg, VA

Closes - open until filled

Position Title - Executive Director

Compensation - Commensurate with experience.  $50,000 to $65,000/Annually

Job Type - Full Time — Monday/Tuesday Through Saturday 

Apply - For More Information and To Apply - All applicants should email resume, cover letter and list of references to: 

Jim Rakes, President BMCF
3335 McEver Road,
Blacksburg, VA  24060.

Summary - The successful candidate will be imaginative, proactive, organized, and be able to execute across a broad range of strategic and operational initiatives and activities.  The Executive Director (ED) will be a professional and visible leader, working closely with the Board of Directors, Community Leaders, the Town of Blacksburg, other local and regional museums, donors, and the museum’s audience.  The ED will be a critical thinker who is able to align staff and financial resources with priorities outlined in the strategic plan.  Previous successful experience with seeking and winning grants and successful fund raising in a non-profit environment is preferred.

Job Responsibilities -

  • Ensure that the operational work of the museum meets its primary mission and consistently works to develop collaborative strategies to encourage growth and outreach to engage communities represented by the museum’s diverse audiences.
  • Build and nurture strategic stakeholder relationships.
  • Provide direction, guidance, integration and implementation of the organization’s short-term and long-term action and strategic plans.
  • Develop and coordinate all fund-raising activities; including the Gala, Blues Brews and BBQ, Year End Giving, Grant Writing, BMCF Membership Drives, etc.
  • Identify and pursue appropriate grant and gift opportunities.
  • Report directly to the Board of Directors.
  • Provide consistent and timely critical information to the Board President, Board of Directors Executive Committee, and/or Board of Directors as appropriate, ensuring the Board has sufficient information to make informed decisions.
  • Organize and arrange all monthly Board meetings; including, Zoom invitations, reminders to the Board, and drafting and printing all documents for each meeting.
  • Maintain organizational files and documents in a confidential organized and consistent manner; including donor data, ABH Donor Wall, and on-line donor lists.
  • Serve as the chief financial officer; responsible for all financial obligations and records.  Prepare a proposed annual budget and ensure the ongoing financial health of the organization by employing sound fiscal measures and managing available resources.  Regularly coordinate budgetary matters with the Board President, Treasurer, and outside accountants.
  • Serve as the primary resource for helping guide the Board’s understanding of museum best practices relative to organizational operation and collection management; implement polices established by the Board of Directors.
  • Work with the Board and Fundraising groups to develop, nurture, and engage funding partner relationships and identify strategies for increasing revenue and resources. Seek external guidance as necessary to meet goals, objectives and mission of the BMCF.
  • Hire, manage and retain qualified and competent staff necessary to effectively meet the BMCF’s mission; including provision of cross-training and continuing education. Develop an organizational work culture, including volunteers, that is fair, equitable, ethical, and is based on the organization’s guiding principles.  Provide support to all BMCF employees and volunteers.
  • Prepare and manage all communications with stake holders including; general public, community organizations, museum membership, governmental agencies, and other appropriate organizations.
  • Manage both venues (ABH and SLOFH).  Work with staff and volunteers on staffing, scheduling, organizing, and hosting of events and rentals.
  • Serve as BMCF liaison to The Town of Blacksburg and other community organizations.
  • Enhance the reputation and image of the Foundation by being active and visible in the community and both BMCF venues by working closely with other professional, civic, and private organizations.
  • Coordinate with Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
  • Guide and direct development of programming that meets the core mission of the foundation and that engages varied constituents, stakeholders, and audiences.
  • Ensure corporate and legal responsibilities of the organization are fulfilled; keep informed on legislation and other activities that affect the work of BMCF.
  • Ensure the operational success of the Foundation which may include task-based activities which are outside the scope of core-responsibilities listed above.

Qualifications -

  • Maintain and project a professional demeanor and appearance.
  • Possess computer software and social media skills; including proficiency with common digital production programs, social media platforms, and digital communication tools.
  • Possess personal characteristics generally recognized as essential to lead a dynamic organization in a contemporary environment.
  • Possess integrity, initiative, emotional maturity, dependability, courtesy, good judgment, be open to recommendations for improvement, be a team player, and work cooperatively with others.

The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation (BMCF) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and promoting Blacksburgs historic, artistic, and cultural heritage. The Foundation is an independent organization that the Town of Blacksburg has entrusted to oversee all museum and cultural operations, including management and oversight of the Alexander Black House (ABH) as well as St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall (SLOFH). 

In August of 2014, the Alexander Black House and Cultural Center opened its restored first floor to the public. Today, The Alexander Black House and Cultural Center enjoys restored first and second floors including: 

Rotating exhibits of art, history, and culture
Community gathering spaces
Archives and collections of the Blacksburg Museum
Childrens room
Executive offices of the Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation
Gift Shop that promotes local artists
History and Genealogy Research Center
Permanent exhibit of Blacksburgs History
Permanent period display” and exhibit in the Alexander Black Bedroom
Annual community events such as the Blues, Brews and BBQ” Festival
Permanent outdoor sculpture exhibit
Education and Workshop Room


For over 60 years, the St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall served the New Town area, hosting social events, gatherings for music and enjoyment, and creating a sense of community.  When desegregation came to Blacksburg in the late 1960s, the St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall was no longer utilized as a social center.

In 2004/05 trustees of SOLFH appointed by the court negotiated an agreement with the Town of Blacksburg to preserve the building.  In 2009-10 the Town of Blacksburg restored the St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall as a museum and activity center to preserve memories and contributions of the many families who lived in and around New Town.