Job Listing: Kitchen Garden Horticulturist

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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden - Richmond, VA

Closes - Open until filled

Position Title – Kitchen Garden Horticulturist

Salary - $17 - $18/hr

Job Type - Year Round - Part Time – 25 hours per week

Apply: Please submit cover letter, resume to Human Resources at


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s mission is connecting people through plants to improve communities.


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, including the Lewis Ginter Nature Reserve, reveals the unity and integration of human and plant life, celebrates the fundamental significance of the natural world, and enriches communities through horticultural and educational excellence and innovative outreach activities.


Responsibility, Innovation, Integrity, Hospitality and Inspiration

Founded in 1984, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a non-profit garden located in Richmond, Virginia’s Lakeside neighborhood. The Garden encompasses 82 acres, four lakes, 5,500 unique taxa of plants within 15 distinct outdoor gardens, 11 major buildings including a conservatory and greenhouse, plus an 80-acre branch site, the Lewis Ginter Nature Reserve. Annually, Lewis Ginter engages over 17,000 students in innovative and exciting education programs. This cadre of identified learners is just a fraction of the more than 400,000 annual visitors to the Garden. In recent years, the Garden has been honored with inclusion in several top ten lists for botanical gardens in North America.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the ground of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin in the hiring, retention, or promotion of employees. We support the diversity and inclusion policy adopted by The American Public Gardens Association: to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture where the contributions of all community members are valued, respected and appreciated.

Job Description
The Kitchen Garden is a mission-driven, organic, community-focused produce garden and display area,
prominently located near the Conservatory and the Tignor Apiary. Started in 2009, this garden has
produced over 50,000 pounds of fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce – all grown and harvested by staff
and volunteers and donated to the community. The Kitchen Garden Horticulturist will lead the planning,
design, maintenance, and interpretation of the garden as part of the Garden’s efforts to address food
insecurity in the Richmond community.

  • Responsibilities
    - Work daily to support and maintain a diverse planting of fruits, vegetables, and herbs through
       pruning, grooming, weeding, mulching, watering, fertilizing, and scouting.
    - Maintain various established demonstration-quality growing strategies including in-ground
       plantings, raised beds, containers gardening, various vertical-growing models, companion planting,
       etc., plus contribute new ideas and techniques.
    - Harvest, cull, handle and weigh produce using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling
       Practices (GHP).
    - Deliver fresh produce to local foodbanks and other community partners.
    - Diligently tend to plant health by applying organic, ecosystem-based, sustainable Integrated Pest
      Management (IPM) strategies including biological, mechanical, and cultural controls. Coordinate
      scouting and control treatments with IPM Horticulturist.
    - Research vegetable cultivars, plan crop sequences, and design bed layouts to achieve the garden’s
       production, display, and interpretive goals.
    - Partner with Marketing for the development of Kitchen Garden interpretive and promotional
       materials including pamphlets and brochures, maps, blogposts, press releases, etc.
       Interact with the public on an informal basis by answering questions, providing directions, etc. Lead
      small Kitchen Garden tours.
    - Collaborate with Advancement staff to develop and maintain funding opportunities for the Kitchen
    - Collaborate for Apiary operation and management.
    - Lead and supervise Assistant Horticulturists, Seasonal Gardeners, interns, volunteers, and corporate
       groups. Collaborate with Manager of Volunteers.
    - Safe and correct use of Garden tools and equipment.
        o Utilize shovels, trowels, fan rakes, grading rakes, spades, digging forks, pickaxes, brooms,
           hand shears, hand saws, loppers, pole pruners & pole saws, wheelbarrows, fertilizer spreaders,
           garden carts, ladders, and other hand tools to complete assigned tasks.
        o Operate push mowers, weed-whackers, backpack blowers, push blowers, garden ATVs,
           tractors, pickup trucks, and other power equipment in accordance with LGBG safety protocols
           and regulatory standards (training will be provided).
    - Work collaboratively with a dynamic team to achieve horticultural standards of excellence.
        o Participate in weekly group maintenance tasks such as blowing walkways, filling gas cans, and
           caring for tools and equipment.
        o Participate in group projects and meetings with other horticulture staff and in crossdepartmental projects.
    - Perform other duties as assigned by the Horticulture Section Leaders or their designee.

Skills and Abilities
 - Knowledge of and experience with edible landscapes and/or agricultural crop maintenance practices
      and plant care appropriate to the region.
 - Strong work ethic, keen interest in sustainable agriculture and organic food production, and an
      enthusiasm for physical work outdoors.
 - The ability to research vegetable cultivars and to plan crop sequences and design bed layouts.
-  A demonstrated understanding of the horticultural practices and procedures required for soil
      preparation, planting & transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, propagating,
     mowing, raking, sweeping & blowing, and tree & brush cutting.
-  The ability to use shovels, trowels, fan rakes, grading rakes, spades, digging forks, pickaxes, brooms,
     hand shears, hand saws, loppers, pole pruners & pole saws, wheelbarrows, fertilizer spreaders,
     garden carts, ladders, and other hand tools effectively.
-  The ability to operate push mowers, riding mowers, weed-whackers, backpack blowers, push blowers,
     garden ATVs, pickup trucks, chainsaws and other power equipment safely and effectively.
 - A willingness to interact with the public on an informal basis by answering questions, providing
     directions, etc.
-  The ability to follow written and verbal instructions.

     Possession of a valid driver's license.

Physical Demands / Working Conditions
 The physical strength, dexterity, and coordination sufficient to perform the above functions.
 Must be able to bend, squat, kneel, stand and walk for extended periods of time.
 Must be able to work out-of-doors in Central Virginia seasonal extremes.
 Must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly.

Note: Duties described above, other duties and physical demands have been identified as essential
functions as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Education and Experience
 An Associate's degree in Horticulture, Botany, Plant Science, or a related field.
 One years’ professional experience growing vegetables and fruits in a production setting.
 Virginia Pesticide Applicator’s License (or the ability to obtain one within six months of hire).
 Possession of a valid driver's license.
 Other combinations of education / experience appropriate to the job will be considered.
 Proficiency in conversational Spanish desired.

Each employee of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
 Must comply with provisions of the current Employee handbook, all published personnel policies and
    the requirements of their individual job descriptions.
 Must perform all duties in a manner consistent with a public garden serving multigenerational and
    multicultural individuals, families, and in accordance with directed practices and procedures.
 Must be aware of surroundings and vigilant to threats to the safety of visitors, volunteers, and staff or
    to security of their property, ensuring that all concerns are reported promptly.
 Must report all injuries and incidents immediately and ultimately in writing to supervisor(s) and to
    Human Resources.
 Must ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
 Must perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to