Mid-Career Leadership Training

Welcome to a two-day training program designed to prepare museum professionals who are interested in gaining the necessary skills to move to a leadership position and need hands-on, practical training to prepare them.

This program will cover the following topics:

  1. Leadership assessment – to help participants understand their strengths and weaknesses and build their self-awareness
  2. Financial management—an overview of the financial basics that every leader must master in order to craft a budget and report to the Board, and to other stakeholders
  3. Legal issues—an overview of the legal issues that any nonprofit leader needs to be aware of, from the limits/ requirements of a 501c3, to policies and other day-to-day items
  4. Staff management—a review of basic staff supervision practices, including coaching, conflict resolution, and human resources basics

All participants receive:

  • resource packet with readings, templates, checklists, and more
  • access to mentor following the program
  • resume review

The program will include:

  • Pre-course online training and readings
  • Two day on-site program in Fredericksburg, VA
  • Post-program follow up resources

Anticipated Cost: $150 per person, plus hotel fees for on-site program

Interested but can't afford the fee? There will be a scholarship available for underserved museum representative. Check back here for more information and an application in early 2020.

Certificate in Museum Management credits: All participants will earn three credits toward our certificate program: 2 in internal affairs, one in career development