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Make sure you are enrolled in the online communities for our certificate program. We will slowly be adding content to these, and they are a great place for you to ask questions of your fellow students!

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Virginia Certificate in Museum Management Forms

Non-partner Credit Fulfillment Form

If you are completing a workshop that is not run by VAM or one of our partners, please use this form to record your credit. All non-partner credit requests go through our certificate review committee. If you have questions about whether a non-partner workshop will count, please email Jennifer.

Independent Study Request Form

Up to 2 of your ten certificate credits can be fulfilled using independent studies. Review this form for details, and fill it out in order to request such a credit. All independent study requests go through the certificate review committee.

Final Project Proposal Form

You may propose a final project anytime after completing at least 8 of your 10 core curriculum credits. Before you complete your proposal form, these instructions can help you understand what the review committee is looking for.

Sample of a Successful Final Project Proposal