Job Listing: Publication Editor

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Early American Industries Association - Hebron, MD

Closes - Open until filled.

Position Title – Chronicle Editor

Salary - Independent Contractor paid per issue. Based on experience.

Job Type - Contract Work

For more info and to apply - Please contact Executive Director John Verrill at for details.

The Early American Industries Association is an 89 year old nonprofit organization with a membership of approximately 2,000 spread across the US and internationally. Its quarterly publication the Chronicle has been published continually since 1933.

The Editor seeks contributions from individuals active in the field, including both emerging and seasoned scholars, members with interests to share with our readers and community researchers. The Editor also receives and vets unsolicited submissions. The Chronicle is designed to appeal to a non-specialist public, as well as scholars. By promoting scholarship, sharing knowledge, and providing information about the organization, the Chronicle plays an essential role in fulfilling the mission of EAIA to present the tools, trades and crafts that built America.

Editor works as an independent contractor and is paid per issue. The editor must be well versed in standard editing and document layout software. Editing skills include knowledge of the proper usage of the written language, familiarity with basic editing references and style manuals, and attention to detail and must have empathy both for authors and readers. The editor must be, or become, familiar with the mission of EAIA, have knowledge about tools, trades history, crafts and the organizations that foster such interests.

Please contact Executive Director John Verrill at for details.