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Job Listing: Public Programs Coordinator

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Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area - Marshall, VA

Closes - Open until filled

Position Title – Public Programs Coordinator

Salary - $40,000/year

Job Type - Full-time

The Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area is hiring!

This position will answer to the President and work in conjunction with the Director of Education. The Public Programs Coordinator must display team player abilities and self-motivation. He/she must feel comfortable with public speaking, event planning and management, interact professionally, and be confident in managing students in classroom settings or in camps and field trips.  This position will be divided between educational, administrative, and fundraising efforts.  Ideal start date: May 1, 2021. Submit Resumes and cover letters to


  • Oversee the set up and organization and clean-up of special events on the day of the event. Act as onsite coordinator and manager of event.
  • Assist in any brainstorming and planning in advance (including purchase of events supplies, refreshments, etc.) for special events, with other staff and the Special Events Committee. Line up speakers, volunteers, all rentals for events.
  • Assist the Director of Education with VPHA’s educational initiatives, including interpretation of historic sites for public programs and school programs, interpreting learning stations for school field trips, speaking to civic groups, and working with online and print publications.
  • Fulfill online store orders, maintain VPHA store merchandise, and handle office store sales.           
  • Contribute to the social media presence, populating content on his/her own, researching interesting social media topics for blogs and other platforms, and promoting all events on Facebook and Instagram. Research other online event advertising ideas.
  • Coordinate volunteers, staff, and the stationery supplies for mass mailing several times per year for events. Also design attractive paper publicity for events.
  • Manage the distribution of brochures and event publicity to visitor bureaus and tourism sites throughout the Heritage Area.
  • Assist with general office management and other duties, as a team player, and participate in monthly Board meetings.
  • Assist the Director of Education with social media, including website updates, e-newsletter layout, and Piedmont Chronicle design.
  • Be familiar with the history of the five-county Heritage Area.




             -2 weeks paid vacation

             -paid federal holidays

             -5 days paid sick leave