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Job Title: Executive Director

The Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley, whose physical offices are located in Pulaski, Virginia, is seeking a full-time executive director to lead us into our fifth decade of supporting and promoting the arts in our region. The successful candidate will possess a compelling vision for the future of the Center and will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our organization, serving our mission, and meeting our goals as an arts center. The Executive Director will work closely with the Board of Directors to plan and implement exhibits, classes and programs; develop the membership; and pursue funding for current operations and desired expansion of staffing, programs, and services. This position is well suited to a dynamic person with an interest in the arts but a strong foundation in running and nurturing a non-profit organization. The candidate will have strong written, verbal, and digital media communication skills necessary to interact with artists, government officials, residents, and others across the New River Valley.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Serve as the face of the Fine Arts Center and the main point of contact for the Center’s onsite events as well as its website and social media accounts.

  2. Develop and implement a strategic plan in partnership with the Board of Directors. The plan will be aligned with the mission of the Center and identify strategies to meet desired business goals.

  3. Assists the Finance Committee Chairperson in preparing an annual budget for Board approval. Execute the approved budget; and in coordination with the Treasurer, manage bills, payroll, and incoming revenue; collect and organize materials for tax preparation; and provide monthly financial reports to the Board.

  4. Advance fundraising by researching and preparing grant proposals to support operation of the Center, including events, exhibits, maintenance, and staffing.

  5. Develop and nurture a strong membership and donor roster and database, including growing the membership, processing donations and membership fees, sending annual reminders, collaborating on an annual membership meeting with the Board of Directors, and acknowledging gifts and payments.

  6. Develop positive relationships with key stakeholders, including promoting the work of local artists, coordinating involvement with local arts educators, and collaborating with government agencies to increase awareness of the Center and promote the arts efforts of municipalities across the region.

  7. Implement and manage a digital infrastructure in support of standard daily operations, including operating its online and physical store, communication with members and supporters, as well as optimize the Center’s online presence and public relations through its website, blog, social media accounts, and other means.

  8. Plan for and coordinate an annual series of exhibits in the Center, published in advance insofar as possible. Coordinate with and promote local artists, advertise events in multiple media outlets, and follow up with artists, visitors, news media, and others.

  9. Prepare and assess area resources and needs to develop a series of arts education opportunities in coordination with local arts educators and artists. This may require scheduling, staffing, setup and breakdown, and some teaching.

  10. Develop and monitor a volunteer program and oversee the training of volunteers.

  11. Manage the day-to-day operations and facilities of the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley, including maintaining adequate supplies for day-to-day operations, authorizing minor maintenance, and recommending capital improvements and equipment needs, and other duties as assigned. The position requires some evening and weekend obligations and some travel within the region.

  12. Serve as ex officio member of the Board and all standing committees (Program, Education, Personnel, and Finance), working with the chairperson of each committee, as needed, to meet objectives and recommend new objectives for Board consideration.

Executive Director Qualifications and Skills

  1. Bachelor’s degree or documented successful experience in business administration, arts management, or a related field. Experience in working in and leading projects in a non-profit organization is preferred.

  2. Successful experience in securing grant funding, donations, or other measurable financial results. 

  3. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic plans and meet annual business goals.

  4. Demonstrated ability to develop and monitor budgets.

  5. Experience building and maintaining relationships with community partners, including other museums and arts organizations, K-12 schools and institutes of higher education, and government officials.

  6. Experience in developing and managing public programs for a variety of audiences.

  7. Excellent verbal, written, and digital media communication skills. Must be comfortable speaking in public, collaborating with government officials, and interacting with a range of audiences, including explicitly supporting and promoting local artists.

  8. Proficiency with common digital productivity programs (e.g., Microsoft Office and/or Google’s G Suite), social media platforms, and digital communications platforms (e.g., Constant Contact, MailChimp, or other communications coordination software).


This is a full-time, salaried, professional position that reports to and is annually evaluated by the Board of Directors. Annual base salary is within the range of $25,000-$30,000 depending on the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. Funding for the first year of the Executive Director position has been secured and part of the candidate’s duties will be establishing reliable funding streams for continued support in subsequent years.

Annual personal and sick leave time is available beyond salary and is negotiable. Any leave taken over two (2) weeks requires approval by the Board of Directors.


Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing their qualifications and links to past work that is relevant to the position along with the names, position titles, and contact information for at least three (3) references. An art portfolio is not necessary. Digital or print work samples related to working or managing a non-profit organization, or a digital or print work portfolio of similar topics is optional. Questions can be directed to the Center at or by calling 540-980-7363.

You can download a PDF copy of this job description here.