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Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)

Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)

100 Brickstone Square
Andover, MA 01810
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Company Overview

Founded in 1973, the nonprofit NEDCC | Northeast Document Conservation Center serves museums, libraries, archives, government agencies, and individuals nationwide. NEDCC provides conservation treatment for book, photograph, and paper collections, with specializations in art on paper and Asian art. NEDCC offers digital imaging, audio preservation, assessments, consultations, training, and disaster assistance.
Julie Martin
Julie Martin Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Jeneen Hagerty Administrative Assistant
Michael Lee Director of Paper and Photograph Conservation
Sean Ferguson
Sean Ferguson Preservation Specialist, Office in Alexandria, VA
Tahe Zalal Outreach Conservator
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Educational Offerings
Preservation Training for Collections
Focus of Your Collection
NEDCC provides services and resources to help institutions and individuals nationwide preserve their collections.
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