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Lori Botkin

Lori Botkin

Executive Director Highland Museum and Heritage Center

Professional Bio

I am the new Executive Director of the Highland Historical Society. In 2017 the Society received a grant for an assistant to the Director to accession a very large collection. I was hired for a one year position starting July 1, 2017. As of June 30, 2018 the previous Director submitted her resignation and since I was already working for the Society, they offered me the position on a trial basis. I have no prior museum training and what I know I have learned in just the past year. I found I love the job. My duties include everything from accessioning, setting up exhibits and managing docents to running the office, shoveling snow off the sidewalk and cleaning the bathroom.

Company Info

Highland Museum and Heritage Center Highland Museum and Heritage Center P.O. Box 63 161 Mansion House Road
McDowell, VA 24458
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Certificate in Museum Management Student