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David Schwartz

Curator Camera Heritage Museum

Professional Bio

The Camera Heritage Museum was created to display and preserve a collection of over 6,000 cameras as well as accessories and photos. The majority of cameras are antique cameras. The museum's mission is to share with the public a glimpse into the fascinating story of photography. In this small town in western central Virginia you can see some of the most technologically advanced instruments of their times along with photos spanning over 150 years. These photographs are examples of the output of some of the cameras in the collection. You get a better feel of the era and the photographers when you see these photographs. There are stories behind many of these cameras which are worth your time even if you are not a camera buff. From stories about local photographers whose work is nationally known to the events that they captured for future generations, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.


Camera Heritage Museum Camera Heritage Museum 1 West Beverley Street
Staunton, VA 24401
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