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Hampton History Museum

Hampton History Museum

120 Old Hampton Lane
Hampton, VA 23669
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Luci Cochran Director
Allen Hoilman Curator
Beth Austin Registrar
Bethany Austin
Jasmaine Downes Volunteer Coordinator
Kristopher Peters Museum Educator
Robert Jondreau
William Moore
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Educational Offerings
Educational Programming at Hampton History Museum
Gallery Tours
The galleries at the Hampton History Museum cover more than 400 years of events in the Hampton Roads region. Our guided tours of the museum galleries and neighboring 1728 St. John's Episcopal Church are informative and engaging.
Our interactive workshops cover a wide range of topics and offer both kids and adults the opportunity to learn about a specific topic in more detail than is possible during a tour. These workshops use a combination of hands on learning, role play, and evaluative questioning to immerse our visitors in the history they are learning about. The following workshops are available in conjunction with a guided tour of the museum.
Virginia Cultures- Virginia Indians, Africans, and Europeans
1619 African Arrival
Piracy and the Colonial Economy
Soldiers of the American Revolution
Moon Shot – The Apollo Space Flights
The museum also participates in a variety of outreach programming. We host booths at events utilizing our some of our workshop materials to provide hands on learning for the public. We also have “pop up” traveling exhibits that can be set up at schools, businesses, or public and private events. In addition to the workshops listed above our outreach programming includes the following pop up exhibits.
Give me Liberty- African Americans in the American Revolution
1619 African Arrival
When Computers Wore Skirts – the human computers as NASA
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