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Advanced Leadership Institute 

Building a More Diverse & Inclusive Board

“To make real and lasting change, work needs to be done at the top where the tone and priorities for each museum are established...Museum trustees and leaders can and must do more.” – Laura Lott, president & CEO, American Alliance for Museums

Join this year-long leadership cohort to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to transform your organization to become a more inclusive community. Through five virtual meetings, you'll gain resources and insights to create an action plan specific to your institution while building supportive partnerships among your colleagues in the field.

Recognizing that change doesn’t happen easily after just one day, this program is unique & practical!

  • Improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the leadership of your organization
  • Develop and begin implementing an action plan relevant and appropriate for your own institution
  • Work in a supportive environment that keeps you motivated and on track
  • Build on content and resources as they are introduced in this multi-session format
  • Learn how to assess your progress using measures of success

Specially geared for museum leadership, this series is open to directors, board members, senior staff and others in leadership positions. Museum leaders are strongly encouraged to invite board members to join them. Board members from all-volunteer organizations are also welcome.

Advanced Leadership Institute Details

Session #1: Building a More Inclusive and Equitable Board - Pt. 1

This initial session will focus on the concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity, as well as how to create board diversity based on best practices.

December 9, 2020

10:00 am-11:30 am

 Session #2: Building a More Inclusive and Equitable Board - Pt. 2

This session will explore the action planning process and additional resources to determine where each organization is currently and where they want to be. Participants will receive forms and resources to develop an action plan to build board diversity, equity and inclusion at their own institutions. 

January 25, 2021

10:00 am-11:30 am

 Interim: Participants begin developing Action Plans specific to their own institutions.


Session #3: Action Plan Progress – 3-month Check In

Participants will discuss progress made with their Plans and describe any challenges and issues they have had getting started, sharing their experiences and lessons learned from the process of developing their action plans. Feedback will be received from the VCIC Facilitator and colleagues and any necessary edits made to their action plans.

April 21, 2021

10:00-11:30 am

 Interim: Participants begin implementing Action Plans specific to their own institutions.


Session #4: Action Plan Implementation – 6-month Check In

Participants will share their experiences and lessons learned from starting to implement their Action Plans, identify and discuss any challenges and issues they have, and receive feedback from the VCIC Facilitator and from their colleagues.

October 13, 2021

10:00-11:30 am


Session #5: Action Plan – 1-year check-in

Participants will share their experiences, lessons learned and results from implementing their Action Plans, and any continuing issues or challenges facing them as they move forward. The series will culminate in discussion of how to assess the success of their Plans and how to sustain them long-term.

VAM Conference, Spring 2022

Richmond, Virginia

Registration Fees for the Series:

  • $65 – VAM Member
  • $100 –Two people from the same VAM-member institution
  • $100 - Nonmember

*If you need financial assistance, feel free to contact VAM – scholarship funds are available for those in need!

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Institute Facilitators:

The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) traces its roots back to 1935 in Virginia. With a lengthy and rich history, it has been destined to change with the times, even as it works to change the times in which we live. Originally founded as the Virginia Region of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities has concluded its association with NCCJ and has joined with many of its fellow offices across the country to become the cornerstone of a new movement fighting prejudice in all its forms.

VAM's Advanced Leadership Institute will be led by Ms. Charm Bullard, Director of Programs at the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC). In her role, she designs and facilitates educational programs on diversity and inclusion for middle schools, high schools, colleges, workplaces, and community groups. Charm particularly specializes in VCIC’s higher education, workplace, and community programming and has conducted over 300 workshops across the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is particularly known for her warmth and humor as a facilitator, and her passion for encouraging and supporting diversity and inclusion. Ms. Bullard received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Lander University and her Master’s degree in Education from the University of Georgia.

Ms. Bullard may be joined by additional VCIC staff members: Jacquie Johnson, Professional Development Coordinator or Nelson Reveley, Outreach Programs Coordinator.

The Advanced Leadership Institute is Generously Supported by:
Virginia Museum of History and Culture
VAM's Advising Members Panel

Douglas Harvey Museum Services